ZionJoys Ministry

Our Dogs

Zion is an American, Canadian, and International champion. He has won numerous trophies and ribbons as well as being one of the top ten giant schnauzers for five consecutive years. However, being in the show ring was not his favorite activity. His first choice was always to be with me in the ministry. Whether he was working with the handicapped, "speaking" to an adult audience, or joyfully wagging his tail for the children, Zion loved this ministry. He traveled with me for 10 1/2 years until he died in my arms at 11 1/2 years old.

In l998, Zion's daughter Lovely was added to the ministry. She is also an American, Canadian, and International champion. Whether she is sharing for a group of 3,000 or a smaller group of 30, Lovely continues the tradition that Zion started. A certified therapy dog, Lovely has many years of ministry ahead of her.
Zion Jr. is currently training for the ministry. He has the same build and joyful spirit as his grandfather Zion. Zion, Jr. is just beginning the show dog circuit. In two international shows, he has already won the best puppy in show in the "bred-by" class.